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Discover the rugged elegance of the BSVII Nomad Cap, a symbol of timeless style and adventure. Crafted from genuine brown calf leather, this cap is designed for those who seek to embody a spirit of wanderlust and exploration.


  • Material: 100% genuine calf leather
  • Adjustable Size: Ensures a perfect fit for all
  • Limited Edition: Individually numbered from 1 to 20



NOMAD: The Story Behind the Cap


Crafted from genuine brown calf leather, the Nomad Cap tells a tale of adventure, resilience, and timeless style.


Every element of the Nomad Cap has been designed to evoke a sense of wanderlust and exploration. The rich, textured leather symbolizes the rugged journeys and untamed paths that nomads traverse.


On one side, inscription "No Risk No Magic," a reminder that every great adventure begins with a leap of faith.


The other side showcases the BSVII logo intertwined with the Saturn planet, signifying the endless possibilities of the universe.


At the back, the cap features a red square embroidery, a hallmark of BSVII's ethos of balance and precision. ( our scap signature )


On the side, the cream dried rose symbolizes both the beauty and impermanence of each journey.


The seven lines of the BSVII logo represent the seven principles that guide our craft.


Each cap in this limited edition is individually numbered from 1 to 20, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike.


The Nomad Cap is more than just an accessory; it is a statement of freedom, courage, and individuality.


Embrace the spirit of the nomad, and let your journey begin.

Nomad Cap

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